Crash Test Love

“After moving to Long Island, that last thing Garret Lennox is looking for is love, but when she meets sweet sixteen crasher, Henry Arlilngton, that all changes.

Crash Test Love was an interesting book. It had a lot of twists and turns and it really mapped out what teenagers feel when struggling with relationship problems. The characters were very well well developed and I really liked how brutally honest they were in their descriptions and just how they told the story in different POVs. You really got to know the characters because of the switch of the POVs which you wouldn’t have gotten, had the story be written in third person. The plot live was very original and even if you thought the characters would go merrily on their way, there would be a big twist leaving you itching to turn page after page. I really enjoyed this book and I have nothing negative to say about it accept for one tiny little detail. The title. I couldn’t believe that I was reading a book called Crash Test Love. We all would like to think that people literally don’t judge books by the covers (title included) but in reality, we do and this book specifically pained me to look at the title. I think that the concept for picking the title was good and it makes sense with the story, but it will turn away readers like it almost did me. So four out of five stars, the lost star was for the title, if it had been something with a little more juice to it, it would have gotten five stars.”

– Teen Reviewer Morgan, age 16

About the Book:
Title: Crash Test Love
Author: Ted Michael
Released: 06/2010


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