Eona has just barely escaped the chaos brought by Dragoneye Ido and Lord Sethon’s grab for power. Now, her identity as Lord Eon is crumbling as the land learns her biggest secrets. One, that she is not Lord Eon, but Lady Eona, the Dragoneye representing the queen Mirror Dragon. Her other secret is that she cannot control her dragon’s power, leaving her feeling useless to the resistance. As Eona races to try to help the rightful emperor Kygo to seize back the throne, she finds that there is only one possible teacher left: the treacherous Lord Ido now imprisoned for even more treachery. Eona faces peril from all sides: she is not able to link with her dragon for fear of the 10 dragons without their Dragoneye masters. The Imperial Army is coming, along with something even darker. And she can’t even trust the one person who can teach her how to use her power.

Eona also faces the rough struggle of political power play as she becomes a Naiso, or high advisor, to Kygo. As Eona struggles to find a way to save the kingdom, her love, and the dragons all without losing her power, or killing the two things she cares about most, she becomes more and more confused. She finds she is losing herself, and is not the person she once was, not even able to rely on people trusted as she struggles to find herself and save the dragons, land, and Kygo all in one impossible mission Eona is a GREAT book, and has now easily made it onto the top 5 books/series that I have ever read.

The best story and action coupled with the amazing descriptions make for a book I couldn’t put down until I finished. Eona is a unique story, and I loved every page of it. I definitely recommend it.”

– Teen Reviewer Amber, Age 14

About the Book:
Title: Eona
Author: Alison Goodman
Released: 04/2011


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