“I had stepped into reading this book [Divergent] blindly, not knowing nearly anything about the novel. I must say I was far more than pleased. This novel matched my taste in novels precisely with its perfect amounts of action, romance, and even hints of darkness.

Though this story is set in a completely different world than the world we are surrounded by, it poses choices that teenagers today can be faced with in different forms. The romance that arose throughout the book was genuine, and I really adored it despite my usual dislike for romance. The story was extremely well paced and never ceased to hold my interest and attention. I would find myself yearning to read throughout the day in order to find out what would happen next. I, by nature, can usually only swallow around 30 pages at one sit down of reading before becoming distracted, but this was not the case with Divergent. I would sit for hours reading hundreds of pages at one time.

For me, I know that a book is fantastic when I find myself dreaming about it and going about my day imagining I’m in that world. On numerous occasions I found myself doing exactly this, and will continue to do so until the sequel is released and my imagination is inflated even further. Overall Divergent was an incredible read and it easily rose to the top of my list of favorite books.”

–Nicole, age 13
About this book:
Title: Divergent
Author: Veronica Roth
Released: 5/2011

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