Willow is a story about a girl who, in one quick night, lost both of her parents, and is put in a downward spiral of pain by cutting, and moving under her non-loving brothers care. It wasn’t exactly her fault. Really. But she did play the main role of killing them in a car accident when she was the one driving, and has been grieving ever since. Now, seven months after the accident, after seven months of ‘recovery’ and finding her passion for self-inflicted pain, she starts, barely but surely, seeing the light and hope in love.

Willow is a book told in third-person, and it shows greatly the points and views of most characters beautifully, along side expressing the perfect side of why’s to Willow’s addiction. Her addiction is a theme we don’t see in most books, and as hard a thought of why she would do it, I was still immensely captivated by her point of view, and the way she would continue to cut herself until finding the reason not to. Even though she had met Guy, and persisted at trying to sway him off, he soon found out her secret obsession and likewise soon became her reason to not inflict pain, he became her lifeline; because she fell in love with him.

The love story part of Willow was gradual yet very convincing, and it became obvious that Guy and Willow were almost perfect for each other. I said that Guy was a lifeline, and he really was, he was the light from a lighthouse leading a ship to safety, giving Willow reason to throw away, and have enough reason, to change her ways.

I really enjoyed this book, and I read it in just about one entire sitting, and though it seems like an element many people won’t enjoy, I was surprised how much I did. In fact, I was paranoid to even read this book due to so many bad things told, but I relaxed right into it because the emotions were so real, and it let me understand the raw feelings of someone so lost and alone become someone with a purpose.


About the Book:
Title: Willow
Author: Julia Hoban
Release Date: 03/2010


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