The Last Little Blue Envelope

Last summer Ginny Blackstone received a strange box filled with 13 little blue envelopes containing messages written by her deceased aunt. In the envelopes there were instructions on places to go, people to meet, and items to receive. Once you finished the task in one of the envelopes, you were allowed to read the next. Ginny read up to the twelfth little blue envelope, but the bag that carried the envelopes was stolen before she read the thirteenth. In The Last Little Blue Envelope Ginny receives an email from a guy that has found her stolen bag containing the thirteenth envelope. Ginny knows she has to get it. Ginny expects an easy fly to London, a quick pick up of the envelope, and a fly back to her home town, but boy is she wrong. Oliver, the man who has the thirteenth envelope needs Ginny to jump through several hoops before she can reach the thirteenth, and most secret revealing envelope.

I enjoyed The Last Little Blue Envelope. The characters were very well developed, and their actions coordinated with their personality perfectly. Another pro to reading The Last Little Blue Envelope is that there isn’t a delayed beginning. By page 16 Ginny has flown across seas, and has begun her search for the envelope. My only critique was that I couldn’t tell if one of the main characters was supposed to be liked or disliked. Ginny was in love with this character, and I found him very dislikable. If you are looking for a good summer read, look no further, and enjoy Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes, and The Last Little Blue Envelope!

 — Erin (age 13)
About the Book:
Author: Maureen Johnson
Release Date: 04/2011

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