Jael is the protagonist, and as Misfit develops, she turns out to be a rather kick-butt girl. At first, in the beginning, Jael is indecisive and is unsure about what way to look at her new situation, situation meaning visions from a stone her mother told her father to give to her, and her newly received demon powers, but as the book grows, and you get farther along into it, she does too. Jael embraces her powers head-on, and immediately understands the power that ones spirit can have and the give and take formula needed to use those powers. Soon though, she is left to use her powers for a purpose; after she finds that her best friend’s boyfriend is abusive and is tricking everyone into believing that he is not who he really is, she is then quickly caught up into fighting the next toughest demon besides the devil: a Grand Duke of Hell.

I ended up squealing when she started finding out her powers, I was captivated by the way the author has created this new outlook of demons, and though there had been a not-so-amazing beginning, I was found quickly reading the rest of the book like mad. Because, honestly, how could you not when a story about a girl becoming half demoness, who is getting powers that can control the elements, is then ready to fight demons left and right to remain on earth and stay alive? Not me.

A creative and delightfully hellish story, I was caught somewhere in the middle of just liking misfit, and really liking misfit, and decided to give this story four out of five stars.

— Iris

About the Book:
Title: Misfit
Author: Jon Skovron
Release Date: 08/2011


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