Angel Burn

From looking at the cover and synopsis of this book, I was reluctant to read it.  I didn’t think I would really like it; it looked a bit dark. But I was definitely pleasantly surprised by what I found in this book!

The idea of the whole story is very intriguing. The Church of Angels idea is very interesting. The main character, Willow, is also pretty neat. She’s good at fixing cars, and even though she’s kind of outcast, she’s still pretty cool and I would love to get to know her in real life. 😛

In this book, I liked the beginning and middle a lot, but the end dragged on a bit. But then again, I’m a little impatient with endings, so that might just be me.  If you’re looking for an intriguing fantasy read, then you should definitely try Angel Burn!

— Meredith, age 14

About the Book:
Title: Angel Burn
Author: LA Weatherly
Release Date: 04/2011


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