All These Things I’ve Done

“It’s 2083. A time where our current society had drastically, yet realistically, changed into an era where laws are constantly being added, crime and poverty count is extremely high, many leaders are cruel and hold on to and abuse any amount of the power they had been given, water, paper, fruit, meat, vegetables and just about any other delicacy is monitored, and the only way to get chocolate and caffeine is nearly impossible; because it’s illegal. There is a way however to get the last two, caffeine and chocolate, and that was through connections. Connections with your cities Mafiya. And Anya Balanchine just so happens to be the daughter of the most notorious, most loved, most hated, most grieved about mafiya boss in New York City. Though when her dad, the most trusted Mafiya boss and the leader of the main U.S illegal chocolate company, is murdered in front of her eyes, she is left alone with her siblings and dieing grandmother. Over the years she has matured, grown, and has broken away from a crime ridden lifestyle, but in her sixteenth year, in 2083, she get’s suddenly thrown into the dilemma of poisoned company chocolate, meaning she is suddenly brought back into the world of secrets, problems, guns, pain, distrust, and death. What is she to do, when the option of turning her back on gun-holding easily angered relatives, the boy she loves, and medically ill family, is no where near available?

All These Things I’ve Done was a great story and had great characters, and the protagonist, Anya, was innocent while remarkably mature, and is someone who you can easily expect to be surprised by. No matter the year, the wisdom that Anya follows, her dead fathers wisdom, is still the same and is continuously used throughout the book, and you can always look up to Anya for managing through any predicament. Even when her brother tried to shoot the current Mafiya boss, meaning tried to shoot their own family, even when her cousin betrays the family and tries to get her killed, and even when she falls in love with the son of basically the law-following ruler of New York, she sticks it through. This story is stark and has an amazing plot, the characters are realistic, and not just some stereotypical God-father type, and I would recommend it to anybody, right on the beat, if they, you included, liked a platter of action and dilemmas, a side of dystopian, several drinks of heart-break, and a dessert of new romance.”

— Iris, age 14

About the Book:

Title: All These Things I’ve Done

Author: Gabrielle Zevin

Released: 09/2011


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