The Name of the Star

The newest Maureen Johnson is something new and fresh from a well beloved author, and that title is The Name of the Star. This book incorporates historical facts with present-day theories and mysteries and the outcome is a well-paced novel with twists and turns on every page.

One of my favorite things about The Name of the Star is how you don’t know what the title stands for until you are almost done with the book, and once you do, the mystery slowly starts to piece itself together.  The mystery of the novel is all about who the new Jack the Ripper is – and why Rory can see him, and her friends can’t.

Rory is one of those characters that you immediately bond with. She’s in a new city, and she feels awkward and out of place, but she stills finds friends and trouble. Rory stays true to herself the entire book, but grows on her before-London self into her experienced-Londoner self. Maureen Johnson does a beautiful job of describing Rory and her surroundings.

For someone who has never been to London, I got a fantastical glimpse into the streets of London and the day-to-day goings. As readers we get to find out the differences between America and London, and how Rory has to cope and adapt to these differences.

The Name of the Star is suspenseful, fast paced, and well beyond any book I’ve read of it’s genre. A fantastic 2011 read.

— Willa, age 14

About the Book:
Title: The Name of the Star
Author: Maureen Johnson
Release Date: 09/2011


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