Legend is the story of how a criminal and a military prodigy come together on a common cause, Freedom. In this futuristic world the U.S.A has been split into two powers in a civil war. One, wishes for things to return to the way things were before the split, the other wishes to be the only remaining power. This story takes place in the second. Day is a notorious criminal not for his actions as a terrorist but for the fact that in a system with a file for every citizen he doesn’t seem to have one. June is an elite student preparing for a career in the powerful military. Brought together by the death of another, these opposing backgrounds create a parallel worth laughing over. In their adventure together the events show just how horrible humans with too much power can be, and can make you question just how powerful a government should be.

— Hayden, age 14

About the Book:
Title: Legend
Author: Marie Lu
Release Date: 11/2011


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