Cold Kiss

While this book is not my particular cup of tea, it still a heartfelt story that brought tears to my eyes. From the outside, Wren looks like your average teenager: she has the perfect boyfriend (Danny), she throws weekly slumber parties with her best friends, and she hates math. However, Wren has an above average power; an incredible power that can change the very fabric of her life, one that she has always respected and used wisely. But when her beloved Danny dies, Wren, wrought with loneliness, does the unthinkable: she brings him back to life. Thinking that Danny would be just as he was in life, Wren realizes that he is just a cold shell of what he used to be. Now, with Danny rebelling against her and her life falling to pieces Wren must face her mistakes and fix them: no matter how much it hurts her.

About the Book:
Title: Cold Kiss
Author: Amy Garvey
Release Date: 09/2011


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