Under the Never Sky

Veronica Rossi did an amazing job with Under the Never Sky. It was the kind of book that you couldn’t put down, and didn’t want to put down. A dystopian book that was a major hit with me!

Veronica did a great job with keeping the reader entertained. She kept us focus and intent on the story. It might’ve started off a little slow, but it gradually grew and made me fall in love with the story! Everything about it was simply amazing. The new technology was explained and it helped you understand the book better!

She switched off on POV’s every few chapters or so, and it took me a little bit to get that. When she first switched, I was thinking, “Who is this Perry kid? How does Aria know him?” Then I realized that it was actually in his POV and I had my moment of blondness and moved on. The switch though helped me understand the story better and it was really interesting to see into the characters minds.

The way Veronica wrote her characters, it was like meeting a new person and watching them gradually change and grow before your eyes. She had her characters make a complete 180 from the people they were   and they were all amazing. Her characters were so strong and so brave that it was as if they had no fears in the world.

Aria is a beautiful, sweet, and a little curious 17 year old girl. She has one of the best voices around and that’s what makes her a little different than the people in the Realms. That is until she is kicked out of the Realms and is forced out of the only home she has ever known. You watch Aria grow into a strong and fierce woman as you go through the book. She doesn’t complain, and she is stubborn and will fight for what she thinks is right.

Then there’s Perry, who is dark and mysterious, and a outsider. He is always saving Aria from the dangers that she doesn’t know existed. He is harsh and rude at the beginning, but as you get inside his head, and farther in the book, he opens up. Telling Aria things that nobody has ever known about him. He is one of those people who will sacrifice himself if it means saving others. I LOVED PERRY, but all I thought while reading was “IT’S AGENT P!” from Phineas and Ferb! 🙂

All in all, I loved Under the Never Sky so much! I even wrote a poem about it.. It wasn’t that bad, even if Anne wants to think it is!:) You should really consider picking up a copy of this book. It will leave you breathless and wanting much much more! 🙂 5 out of 5 tacos!

— Samantha, age 14

About the Book:
Title: Under the Never Sky
Author: Veronica Rossi
Release Date: 01/2012


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