The Survivors

After a volcano explosion changes their country, the Newell family illegally moves to a cabin in the woods, where they must learn to survive the new lifestyle forced upon them. The world is changing around them and is becoming more dangerous every day. The whole family pitches in-but can they do it? Will they have to stay secluded in the woods forever? A series of events changes their way of life- some for the good, some for the worst.

I have never read the first book in this series, so I started reading his book straight up. At the beginning, the plot is fairly slow, with details sort of clumped lavishly in some places and sparse in others. Having said that, once you got into the book and started to understand what was going on, the plot flew along and kept the reader entertained. This book was not a book that normally I was have picked out, but was nice on a rainy afternoon. KEEP READING AFTER THE BEGINNING! DON’T STOP!I did not care for the beginning at all, but the plot had a lot of potential and was exciting, but then was carried out in a less dramatic/mature way that seemed sort of watered down.

— Gretchen, age 14

About the Book:
Title: The Survivors
Author: Will Weaver
Release Date: 01/2012


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