172 Hours on the Moon

A lottery? To go to the moon? To spend 172 hours on a moon base that nobody knew existed? For three teenagers, it is the chance of a lifetime. Or will it be the end of a lifetime?

The foreboding events that each of the dramatically different teens experience seems to say that not all is right on moon base DARLAH 2. And when they arrive, it just gets worse. Who will make it back?

Wow! This book completely caught me by surprise! I was expecting  cheesy alien drama, but the story of the three teenagers that won a lottery to the moon and were stranded there was far from it. This book was a spine-chiller, especially towards the end. I heard things tapping on my window the night I read it! For those who like a creepy story about supernatural beings (Isn’t that everybody?!?!?!?) this book’s a good choice-but  I’ll definitely take at least one thing from it- if a somebody asks me if I’d like to spend 172 hours on the moon, I’ll keep my feet planted firmly on the ground.

— Gretchen, age 13

About the Book:
Title: 172 Hours on the Moon
Author: Johan Harstad
Release Date: 04/2012


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