Michele Winsor moves in with the grandparents she’s never met after her mother dies in a car accident. A feud between her mother and her grandparents made Michele’s mother move away when she was young. The Winsor family is an old family in New York. They’re also rich. Michele finds a key that transports her back in time. One hundred years in the past is where she finds her true love.

I really enjoyed reading this book, but there are a few things I would like to see added. I’d like to hear more about her life in 2010. I think the story would be more realistic if there were more conflicts in the present. Some plot lines from the present were dropped. With these added, I think this story would be more fabulous than it already is.

— Mackinsey, age 14

About the Book:
Title: Timeless
Author: Alexandra Monir
Release Date: 03/2012


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