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Being a huge fan of Graceling, I was super excited to read this book! Bitterblue from Graceling is all grown up, a queen with her own land to rule. Since she was ten, she has reigned over the kingdom of  Monsea with the help of her father, King Leck’s, advisors. But she wonders about everything-her … Continue reading

A Temptation of Angels

Helen Cartwright thought she had a normal life. She played games with her father and mother, she had teatime with her friend Wren, and she goes through decorum lessons with her parents. But one night, during her parents’ usual meetings, a ruckus breaks out, resulting in the loss of her home and the death of her parents. … Continue reading

172 Hours on the Moon

A lottery? To go to the moon? To spend 172 hours on a moon base that nobody knew existed? For three teenagers, it is the chance of a lifetime. Or will it be the end of a lifetime? The foreboding events that each of the dramatically different teens experience seems to say that not all is … Continue reading


This book starts out with a bang. Literally and figuratively. Never a dull moment. The action starts right off, and the rest of the story is just as nicely paced. Not too fast, not to slow with the plot steadily moving and flowing. Ashes would be best for Teen and Young Adult lovers of Action-packed … Continue reading


Legend is the story of how a criminal and a military prodigy come together on a common cause, Freedom. In this futuristic world the U.S.A has been split into two powers in a civil war. One, wishes for things to return to the way things were before the split, the other wishes to be the … Continue reading


What would you do for love? For Ky, Cassia would do anything and everything. Full of secrets, love, journeys, lies, and a rebellion against the conformist Society this stunning sequel will keep readers enraptured until the very end. Ally Condie has spun a beautiful story and I can’t wait to see what happens next. — Mackinsey, … Continue reading

The Girl of Fire and Thorns

The Girl of Fire and Thorns is a book about Elisa, a princess who bears the Godstone, marking her as God’s chosen. She has been selected to complete Service. When she marries a King who is a stranger, and moves to a new land where she has to keep her marriage and her Godstone a … Continue reading


This book is a story about Eve, a girl who lost her mother, the only parent she had, to the plague that swept the earth in the year 2015. She was taken to the School, a place for orphaned girls, where she learned manners, core subjects, and the “dangers” of men. But none of this … Continue reading


If you had the power to end a war that was ravaging this planet, what would you do, and at what price? That is the ultimate question in this story in which Alek joins forces with the eccentric Nikola Tesla to finance a weapon known as Goliath. Nikola believes this weapon can destroy cities with … Continue reading

The Gray Wolf Throne

The Gray Wolf Throne is the 3rd installment in the 7 realms series. In the story characters Han and Raisa have a more physiological adventure in this book. The rather fast paced maturing of events does not take away from the story but adds excitement. This story however leaves much to be  discerned in the … Continue reading