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Being a huge fan of Graceling, I was super excited to read this book! Bitterblue from Graceling is all grown up, a queen with her own land to rule. Since she was ten, she has reigned over the kingdom of  Monsea with the help of her father, King Leck’s, advisors. But she wonders about everything-her … Continue reading


Zachary is a fallen angel who lost his Guardian Angel status to save the soul of his eternal love, Miranda who had been a vampire before Zachary “saved her soul” and sent her on the path to heaven. Now Zachary is stuck on Earth watching over a vampire named Quince and Miranda is watching over … Continue reading

172 Hours on the Moon

A lottery? To go to the moon? To spend 172 hours on a moon base that nobody knew existed? For three teenagers, it is the chance of a lifetime. Or will it be the end of a lifetime? The foreboding events that each of the dramatically different teens experience seems to say that not all is … Continue reading

The Survivors

After a volcano explosion changes their country, the Newell family illegally moves to a cabin in the woods, where they must learn to survive the new lifestyle forced upon them. The world is changing around them and is becoming more dangerous every day. The whole family pitches in-but can they do it? Will they have … Continue reading

The Will of the Empress

Sandry, Briar, Daja, and Tris are foster brothers and sisters with amazing magical powers. They earned their medallions, signifying their mastery of each of their magics, at age thirteen, earlier than any mage has ever gotten one. Sandry is a stitch witch; she has control over anything cloth. Briar is a garden mage; he has … Continue reading

Ruby Key

Genna and Dan’s town is in a shaky balance with the Nightlings, creatures not quite like humans. No human ever goes into the forest at night, this is a Nightling time. Genna and Dan desperately try to find a way to save their mother, who is sick, by gathering magical sap from the trees at … Continue reading

Dark Eyes

Wally was adopted from Russia at a young age. Today, she lives on the streets, by choice, making her way however she can. A mysterious package left for her leads her on a search for the mother she can’t remember. She finds out that her father, an escaped Russian villain, is also searching for her … Continue reading

Fox & Phoenix

Kai Zōu and Yún are commanded by the Ghost Dragon King to travel to the Phoenix Empire to bring Lian, Lóng City’s princess, back to Lóng City, because her father, the King, is dying. The Ghost Dragon King has his suspicions that his death is not natural. Kai and Yún travel very far to find … Continue reading

Born Wicked

What would you do in a world where a group of men called the Brotherhood controlled almost every aspect of your life: who you marry, how you act, where you work? How would you feel if every young woman had to live in fear of learning too much, being to brazen, or seeming too odd, … Continue reading


This book starts out with a bang. Literally and figuratively. Never a dull moment. The action starts right off, and the rest of the story is just as nicely paced. Not too fast, not to slow with the plot steadily moving and flowing. Ashes would be best for Teen and Young Adult lovers of Action-packed … Continue reading