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Wisdom’s Kiss

Wisdom’s Kiss was, I have to admit, was a very neat book. I really like the way the author presents the story through other sources, like letters, diaries, and even encyclopedia entries. It was interesting to read, and a lot like a puzzle the way you had to piece together certain bits of the plot … Continue reading

Lola & the Boy Next Door

Lola has a great life. She has two (mostly) understanding and wonderful parents. She is an aspiring famous fashion designer. She has a (in Lola’s opinion) wonderful rocker boyfriend, Max, and she has a cute dog. Her life is mostly great until… HE returns. HE is Cricket Bell. Cricket Bell = Lola’s first crush, and … Continue reading

Dead End in Norvelt

Dead End in Norvelt begins as a simple tale of a kid’s experiences in summer and turns into a story of the beginning of the end for a small town. As the story progresses the boy witnesses everything from murder investigation and arson, to flying. He fires a Japanese sniper rifle and writes obituaries for … Continue reading

How to Rock Braces & Glasses

This novel is definitely in it’s own realm. Usually the story about a girl changing (physically, emotionally, and socially) comes from the girl in “Loserland” and she goes to the top. But in How to Rock Braces and Glasses it’s the other way around. Kacey goes from the top straight to the bottom in a single day. … Continue reading

Withering Tights

Tallulah Casey is going to the Yorkshire moors for a performing arts school summer. No parents, new friends, and boys galore. This should be interesting… Tallulah made me laugh like crazy, think about growing up, and realize that I want to go to a performing arts school in the Yorkshire Moors too! A light, funny, … Continue reading

Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn’t Have)

April’s parents are divorced and both of them are remarried. April lives with her dad and his new germaphobe wife, Penny. But when April’s dad says that they’re moving, April refuses. She is staying right there in her home town. She couldn’t be uprooted when she only has a semester left of junior year! She … Continue reading

Beauty Queens

Beauty Queens, Libba Bray’s latest book, is sure to make a woman out of you—a strong, self-empowered woman of the world. Of course, the book is hilariously absurd, from the beauty queens-turned-survivalists to the love-stricken dictator of the Republic of Cha-Cha to the megalomaniacal Corporation that threatens them all. Past the bawdy bodacious fun, however, … Continue reading