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Born Wicked

When I got Born Wicked for review, I dragged my feet on the road to reading it. Aside from Harry Potter, the genre including witches, wizards, and prophecies doesn’t particularly interest me. I deserve a smack on the head with a wet noodle for underestimating this book, because it was awesome! When I started Born … Continue reading


Zachary is a fallen angel who lost his Guardian Angel status to save the soul of his eternal love, Miranda who had been a vampire before Zachary “saved her soul” and sent her on the path to heaven. Now Zachary is stuck on Earth watching over a vampire named Quince and Miranda is watching over … Continue reading


Illuminate is one of the longer books I’ve read lately, and honestly, I read it as fast I would a shorter one, because it’s so fast paced! New secrets are constantly being uncovered, and the characters are tested. That is probably one of my favorite things about it! Haven is one of those characters you … Continue reading


The Everneath is an enticing tale about a high school girl, Nikki Beckett, who has been in the Everneath, which is basically hell. In the Everneath Nikki was drained of her emotions by Cole, who is an immortal from hell that lives off of humans emotions. Nikki is then sent back home for five and … Continue reading

Immortal City

The story line was very interesting. It wasn’t what I was expecting. I was expecting a shabby love story and nothing that seemed real to me. Instead I got a very realistic love story and some action/adventure mixed in, which I loved! 🙂 Well realistic minus falling in love with an angel.. To say the … Continue reading

Cold Kiss

While this book is not my particular cup of tea, it still a heartfelt story that brought tears to my eyes. From the outside, Wren looks like your average teenager: she has the perfect boyfriend (Danny), she throws weekly slumber parties with her best friends, and she hates math. However, Wren has an above average … Continue reading

Born Wicked

Cate Cahill is a character anyone with close siblings can relate to – all she cares about are her sister’s well being, and making sure they will be alright, even if it means giving up her happiness. She sacrifices her own wishes for their multiple times, and in the end, that’s what it comes down … Continue reading


When Ashline’s rebellious sister, Eve, turns up again and kills someone by striking them with lightning, Ashline’s life gets turned upside down. She goes to a boarding school three thousand miles away from home to escape her demons, but when she finds out she was called there, along with four other people, by a siren … Continue reading

The Wings Series

Wings– Laurel is just getting used to life at her new house in a new city, going to school instead of being homeschooled like she has been all her life, and making new friends, when a giant flower starts to grow out of her back. She confides in David, her first friend and her first … Continue reading

By These Ten Bones

Maddie has lived a relatively normal life in the northern hills of Scotland, in a small village where the men and women harvest and work by day and bunker down at night, when the evil spirits are abundant. Then, one day, unknown travelers come to town, with them a handsome wood carver. Quiet and withdrawn, … Continue reading