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Between Shades of Grey

First off, I would like to say that sometimes I find Historical Fiction a bit boring. That was not the case with this novel. It it quite the opposite of that actually. I think this book might have inspired me to start reading more historical fiction actually.Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys is a … Continue reading

What Happened to Goodbye

One of my favorite Sarah Dessen novels ever. What Happened to Goodbye has a different feeling than Just Listen, This Lullaby, or The Truth About Forever, and the difference is what makes it so fantastic. When McLean was first introduced, I didn’t like her. I didn’t like how judgmental she was, how close to her heart she held everything, and how much … Continue reading

The Summer I Turned Pretty

I don’t know why it took me so long to pick up this book. Every time I saw it I thought to myself “oh, I really want to read that book.” But I never got it. I kind of wish I had read it sooner. Anyway, I was at the bookstore looking for a book … Continue reading

The Beginning of After

Jennifer Castle’s debut is breathtaking and spot on true. Laurel’s problems and obstacles are relatable from page one, and she responds to every problem in character and with understandable uncertainty. I loved Laurel the minute she was introduced. Her feelings and thoughts rang so true to me, even though I’ve never had to experience what she had to, … Continue reading

Shut Out

I had read 18-year-old Keplinger’s first novel, The DUFF a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it, so when I heard that she was writing another novel, I was super excited to get my hands on a copy. I picked up Shut Out at the public library and gulped the book down in a … Continue reading

Lola & the Boy Next Door

Lola has a great life. She has two (mostly) understanding and wonderful parents. She is an aspiring famous fashion designer. She has a (in Lola’s opinion) wonderful rocker boyfriend, Max, and she has a cute dog. Her life is mostly great until… HE returns. HE is Cricket Bell. Cricket Bell = Lola’s first crush, and … Continue reading

Putting Makeup on Dead People

After Donna Parisi’s father died, Donna became a mopey, empty, lifeless mess. She never felt like she was part of something in high school, and she wasn’t enthusiastic or excited about anything. During her senior year Donna gets accepted into the local college, where everyone else from her high school is going. Her mother decides … Continue reading


Our main character and protagonist – Hannah Ward – is such a true character. She deals with friendship issues, jealousy (at extreme levels), embarrassment, and self esteem. But, she is smart, funny, gifted and dedicated. Imagine devoting your entire life to one thing. Leaving your home, your parents, your friends – at 14 – to go … Continue reading

All These Things I’ve Done

“It’s 2083. A time where our current society had drastically, yet realistically, changed into an era where laws are constantly being added, crime and poverty count is extremely high, many leaders are cruel and hold on to and abuse any amount of the power they had been given, water, paper, fruit, meat, vegetables and just … Continue reading

Dead End in Norvelt

Dead End in Norvelt begins as a simple tale of a kid’s experiences in summer and turns into a story of the beginning of the end for a small town. As the story progresses the boy witnesses everything from murder investigation and arson, to flying. He fires a Japanese sniper rifle and writes obituaries for … Continue reading