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All These Things I’ve Done

In 2083 life is a horrible. Coffee and cocolate is illegal, water is rationed and for Anya Balanchine life is full of drama. When your ex-boyfriend comes down with chocolate posining and your familys “buisness” might be the cause life gets whole lot harder. Not to mention the regular teenage drama tossed on top of … Continue reading


The drama in this book is enough to keep you crying all day long! This girl named Liz finds out that on her eighteenth birthday not everything was as it seemed. As you follow her and one boy with a mysterious past you begin to learn that when your in the cool crew there is … Continue reading


This is one of the the best books I’ve ever read! From the very beginning when Jael seems like another typical teenager, to the end where she battles for her best friends soul and with a sprinkle or romance on top this is a sweet book! Basically this is a book about a girl named … Continue reading