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Born Wicked

When I got Born Wicked for review, I dragged my feet on the road to reading it. Aside from Harry Potter, the genre including witches, wizards, and prophecies doesn’t particularly interest me. I deserve a smack on the head with a wet noodle for underestimating this book, because it was awesome! When I started Born … Continue reading

Lola & the Boy Next Door

Lola has a great life. She has two (mostly) understanding and wonderful parents. She is an aspiring famous fashion designer. She has a (in Lola’s opinion) wonderful rocker boyfriend, Max, and she has a cute dog. Her life is mostly great until… HE returns. HE is Cricket Bell. Cricket Bell = Lola’s first crush, and … Continue reading

Putting Makeup on Dead People

After Donna Parisi’s father died, Donna became a mopey, empty, lifeless mess. She never felt like she was part of something in high school, and she wasn’t enthusiastic or excited about anything. During her senior year Donna gets accepted into the local college, where everyone else from her high school is going. Her mother decides … Continue reading

The Last Little Blue Envelope

Last summer Ginny Blackstone received a strange box filled with 13 little blue envelopes containing messages written by her deceased aunt. In the envelopes there were instructions on places to go, people to meet, and items to receive. Once you finished the task in one of the envelopes, you were allowed to read the next. … Continue reading