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Being a huge fan of Graceling, I was super excited to read this book! Bitterblue from Graceling is all grown up, a queen with her own land to rule. Since she was ten, she has reigned over the kingdom of  Monsea with the help of her father, King Leck’s, advisors. But she wonders about everything-her … Continue reading


An opportunity to be an intern at one of Chicago’s top businesses and a chance to leave school a semester early. Who wouldn’t want to take that chance, even if they don’t know anything about the program? Three teenagers arrive at the soon-to-be-opening but already acclaimed Al Capone themed hotel and are dazzled  by the … Continue reading

172 Hours on the Moon

A lottery? To go to the moon? To spend 172 hours on a moon base that nobody knew existed? For three teenagers, it is the chance of a lifetime. Or will it be the end of a lifetime? The foreboding events that each of the dramatically different teens experience seems to say that not all is … Continue reading

The Survivors

After a volcano explosion changes their country, the Newell family illegally moves to a cabin in the woods, where they must learn to survive the new lifestyle forced upon them. The world is changing around them and is becoming more dangerous every day. The whole family pitches in-but can they do it? Will they have … Continue reading

Under the Never Sky

Aria is perfect. Her genes were carefully selected, and she lives in a simulated world inside a giant, germ-free, problem- free bubble. (Literally!) Then she is thrown out of her perfect world into a region known as “The Death Shop”, wrecked with cannibals and deadly Aether storms after a scandal with the ruler of her … Continue reading


Souls last forever. The same society forever, just in different shapes. An eternal cycle. But Ana is new. Is she even real? Is she to blame for the havoc sweeping through Heart- the sylphs and the dragons?  With the help of Sam, she tries to find herself. But she lives in constant fear of her … Continue reading

Dark Eyes

Wally was adopted from Russia at a young age. Today, she lives on the streets, by choice, making her way however she can. A mysterious package left for her leads her on a search for the mother she can’t remember. She finds out that her father, an escaped Russian villain, is also searching for her … Continue reading