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Legend is the story of how a criminal and a military prodigy come together on a common cause, Freedom. In this futuristic world the U.S.A has been split into two powers in a civil war. One, wishes for things to return to the way things were before the split, the other wishes to be the … Continue reading


If you had the power to end a war that was ravaging this planet, what would you do, and at what price? That is the ultimate question in this story in which Alek joins forces with the eccentric Nikola Tesla to finance a weapon known as Goliath. Nikola believes this weapon can destroy cities with … Continue reading

Dead End in Norvelt

Dead End in Norvelt begins as a simple tale of a kid’s experiences in summer and turns into a story of the beginning of the end for a small town. As the story progresses the boy witnesses everything from murder investigation and arson, to flying. He fires a Japanese sniper rifle and writes obituaries for … Continue reading

The Gray Wolf Throne

The Gray Wolf Throne is the 3rd installment in the 7 realms series. In the story characters Han and Raisa have a more physiological adventure in this book. The rather fast paced maturing of events does not take away from the story but adds excitement. This story however leaves much to be  discerned in the … Continue reading


What would you do if you discovered your own dead body? The story Between is a heart wrenching tale of a girl defined by her things, watching her closest friends and relatives come to terms with her passing. Without any recollection of the events in the months leading up to her death, she searches to … Continue reading

The Dark City, Relic Master #1

The Relic Master Series’ first title is both a past and futuristic book. It tells the story of a world whose major religious governing power has been broken by an evil organization called the Watch. It is a fast paced book that spikes creative thinking through vague stories of this world’s past and the people … Continue reading