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All These Things I’ve Done

“It’s 2083. A time where our current society had drastically, yet realistically, changed into an era where laws are constantly being added, crime and poverty count is extremely high, many leaders are cruel and hold on to and abuse any amount of the power they had been given, water, paper, fruit, meat, vegetables and just … Continue reading


Jael is the protagonist, and as Misfit develops, she turns out to be a rather kick-butt girl. At first, in the beginning, Jael is indecisive and is unsure about what way to look at her new situation, situation meaning visions from a stone her mother told her father to give to her, and her newly … Continue reading


Willow is a story about a girl who, in one quick night, lost both of her parents, and is put in a downward spiral of pain by cutting, and moving under her non-loving brothers care. It wasn’t exactly her fault. Really. But she did play the main role of killing them in a car accident … Continue reading