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A Temptation of Angels

Helen Cartwright thought she had a normal life. She played games with her father and mother, she had teatime with her friend Wren, and she goes through decorum lessons with her parents. But one night, during her parents’ usual meetings, a ruckus breaks out, resulting in the loss of her home and the death of her parents. … Continue reading

Cold Kiss

While this book is not my particular cup of tea, it still a heartfelt story that brought tears to my eyes. From the outside, Wren looks like your average teenager: she has the perfect boyfriend (Danny), she throws weekly slumber parties with her best friends, and she hates math. However, Wren has an above average … Continue reading

Born Wicked

What would you do in a world where a group of men called the Brotherhood controlled almost every aspect of your life: who you marry, how you act, where you work? How would you feel if every young woman had to live in fear of learning too much, being to brazen, or seeming too odd, … Continue reading


A dystopian twist on Cinderella, this story is anything but your classic fairy tale. Linh Cinder, an adopted cyborg, doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere; not among the populace, who deem cyborgs as second rate citizens, or at home where she is treated like a slave by her stepmother. Living the life of a mechanic, … Continue reading


Sydney Sage has been assigned the duty of helping hide Jill, the princess of the Moroi’s currently ruling family. Determined to prove herself to the alchemists and uneasy about being so close to those she was raised to believe as evil, Sydney, along with Adrian and Eddy, is shipped out Amberwood Prep. But when she … Continue reading

By These Ten Bones

Maddie has lived a relatively normal life in the northern hills of Scotland, in a small village where the men and women harvest and work by day and bunker down at night, when the evil spirits are abundant. Then, one day, unknown travelers come to town, with them a handsome wood carver. Quiet and withdrawn, … Continue reading

All These Things I’ve Done

All These Things I’ve Done is a heart wrenching love story that left me in tears. The story takes place in the year 2083, after the world has deteriorated quite a bit and life is hard. Everything from candles to meat is rationed. In the midst of this world is Anya Balanchine, daughter of the … Continue reading

Ruby Red

Gwen Shepherd has never really led a normal life. Her family is part of a mysterious group who believe that there are to be twelve chosen time travelers whose ability, with the help a chronograph, shall unleash a wonderful thing. Her cousin, Charlotte, is believed to have gotten the travelers gene in her family. Gwen … Continue reading


16 year-old Jael Thompson has known she was half demon since she was almost killed eight years ago. What she didn’t know was that her mother died to save her and her father from the evil Belial, one of the Great Archdukes of Hell who is determined to destroy Jael and all she represents. Armed … Continue reading

Die For Me

Die for Me is a thrilling romance about a heart-broken teenage girl who has to move to Paris and rebuild her life after the tragic death of her parents. While there, she meets a mysterious boy who will turn her world upside down. With non-stop twists and turns, this story will take you on a … Continue reading