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Michele Winsor moves in with the grandparents she’s never met after her mother dies in a car accident. A feud between her mother and her grandparents made Michele’s mother move away when she was young. The Winsor family is an old family in New York. They’re also rich. Michele finds a key that transports her … Continue reading

The Will of the Empress

Sandry, Briar, Daja, and Tris are foster brothers and sisters with amazing magical powers. They earned their medallions, signifying their mastery of each of their magics, at age thirteen, earlier than any mage has ever gotten one. Sandry is a stitch witch; she has control over anything cloth. Briar is a garden mage; he has … Continue reading

Ruby Key

Genna and Dan’s town is in a shaky balance with the Nightlings, creatures not quite like humans. No human ever goes into the forest at night, this is a Nightling time. Genna and Dan desperately try to find a way to save their mother, who is sick, by gathering magical sap from the trees at … Continue reading

Fox & Phoenix

Kai Zōu and Yún are commanded by the Ghost Dragon King to travel to the Phoenix Empire to bring Lian, Lóng City’s princess, back to Lóng City, because her father, the King, is dying. The Ghost Dragon King has his suspicions that his death is not natural. Kai and Yún travel very far to find … Continue reading

Dark Inside

The world is ending. It started with the earthquakes. There were a lot of quakes all around the world rating at 9.5 on the  Richter scale. The scale goes from one to ten. After the earthquakes, people start to change, they start going crazy and  killing everyone. No one knows what’s going on, but you … Continue reading


When Ashline’s rebellious sister, Eve, turns up again and kills someone by striking them with lightning, Ashline’s life gets turned upside down. She goes to a boarding school three thousand miles away from home to escape her demons, but when she finds out she was called there, along with four other people, by a siren … Continue reading

Wisdom’s Kiss

Trudy (later called Lady Fortitude) has been an orphan sice she was ten and she only finds solace in her childhood friend, Tips, who she has fallen in love with. He is recruited by Felis el Gato to be a soldier, or so the story goes. He really gets recruited to be a performer for … Continue reading

The Future of Us

This book is about Josh and Emma, two best friends who have drifted apart. One CD-ROM brings them back together. When Emma downloads it onto her computer she discovers Facebook, and herself fifteen years in the future. Facebook brings Josh and Emma together and they discover that everything they do causes a ripple effect in … Continue reading


What would you do for love? For Ky, Cassia would do anything and everything. Full of secrets, love, journeys, lies, and a rebellion against the conformist Society this stunning sequel will keep readers enraptured until the very end. Ally Condie has spun a beautiful story and I can’t wait to see what happens next. — Mackinsey, … Continue reading

The Wings Series

Wings– Laurel is just getting used to life at her new house in a new city, going to school instead of being homeschooled like she has been all her life, and making new friends, when a giant flower starts to grow out of her back. She confides in David, her first friend and her first … Continue reading